• A Grateful Harvest

    Date: Saturday, August 8, 2020
    Time: 5:00 PM
    Location: Roundup River Ranch – Gypsum, CO
    Event Summary

    Fill your senses with the extraordinary at the 10th annual A Grateful Harvest to benefit Roundup River Ranch. Dine on cuisine from renown chefs paired with exquisite wines, feast on the spectacular view, and take in the sounds of the campers performing. 


Your sponsorship will help us serve up something extraordinary for kids with serious illnesses. Your event registration serves as a tax-deductible donation to Roundup River Ranch that will ensure that children with serious illnesses have the opportunity to experience the joys of childhood at camp – completely free of charge thanks to friends like you. Questions? Please contact Grace Anshutz at 970.524.5766 or

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A Special Thank You to our 2019 Sponsors: 

Presenting Sponsors
Donna & Pat Martin

S'more Sponsors
Greer & Jack Gardner
Stacey & Trey Odom

Cabin Sponsors
Alpine Bank
Kathy Cole and Carole Watters

Candle Chat Sponsors
Cathie Bennett & Fred Frailey
Mary & David Davies
Peak 1 Express
Regina & Kyle Fink and Nancy & Don Wiese
Carla Guarascio
Debbie & Jim Schultz
Kathie & Bob Shafer
Julie & Hugh Sullivan

Campfire Sponsors
Suzi Ballard
BluSky Restoration
Keith & Carol Brown Family Foundation
Eileen Clune
Dr. David Cohen
Children’s Hospital of Colorado Heart Institute and Ventricle Care Program
Leslie & Garret Davies
Gamblewood Foundation
Linda Hendricks
Francie & David Horvitz
Robyn & Andy Levy
Sally & Dick O’Loughlin and Gail & Jay Mahoney
Luleta & Samuel Maslak
Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP
Peterson Dillon Family
Ruth Johnson & Kris Sabel
Bernie & Suzanne Scharf
Shepherd Resources and RA Nelson
Liz Logan Sterett & Bill Sterett
Vail Health
Janis & Roger Ward
Kristy & Bill Woolfolk
Leewood & Tom Woodell

Camper Sponsors
John Forester
Jan & Dee Wisor


A Grateful Harvest featuring...

Paul Ferzacca, La Tour

Scott Ofsanko, Juniper

Paul Anders, Sweet Basil and Mountain Standard

Dan Maguire, Game Creek

Brian Ackerman, Splendido

2019 Event Contributors

10th Mountain Distillery  

Adam and Amy Baker

Adrienne and Mike Gibbs

AEG Live 

Ali & Erik Smith

Alice and Harvey Davis

Alpine Bank

Amy and James Regan

Andrea and Troy Modlin

Andrea Eddy  

Andrew Johnson

Ann and Sandy Faison

Anne Harris

Anne Roberts



Aspen Event Solutions  

Aubrie Apple

Avon Liquor

Baked & Loaded  

Barbara and Carter Strauss

Beaver Liquor

Betsy and Mike Henritze

Betty and Lin Grubbs

Betty and Michael Wohl

Betty Kerman

Bill Hughes



Blue Plate 

BluSky Restoration

Bookworm of Edwards 

Boone’s Liquor

Brewer Ballard

Brianna Keeton

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, LLP

Bully Ranch  

Candace and Brian Loftus

Candace and Eric Eves

Cape Grace 

Carel and Marc Slatkoff

Carla Guarascio

Carol Riggs

Carole A. Watters

Carolyn and Byron Craig

Carolyn and Steve Pope

Carolyn Bechtel

Catherine Bennett and Fred Frailey

Cathy and Michael Boro

Chaya Coppersmith

Children’s Hospital Colorado Heart Institute and Single Ventricle Care Program

Chippen Nails  

Chris Troxell

Cindy and Kelley Parker

City Market  

Clyde Hanks 

Colin Meiring

Coralie and Bruce Rogers


Cowboys & Daisies  

Coyote Café  

Cyndie and Russ Schmeiser

Cynthia Engles

Dale Burkett

Dan and Rebeca Hanrahan

Daniel Dettwiler

Danielle and Thomas Nix

Danielle Chelette

David Cimino  

Deann R. Thoms

Deb and Don Felio

Debbie and Jim Schultz

Debbie and Michel Voboril

Debby and Harry Jasper

Debra Levitetz

Demo Schmidt

Design Works  

DJs and Dahlias  

Donna and James Thomason

Donna and Patrick Martin

Donna Lang

Dorothy Browning and Jack Hunn

Dr. David Cohen

Dr. Mindy Cooper

Eagle Diner

 Eagle Ranch Golf Course 

Eileen Clune, MBA

Elisabeth Gart

Elizabeth Stern

Emily and Mark Tamberino

Epic Mountain Express 

Eric Meyer Private Tennis Lessons

ESJAY Foundation

Event Rents 

Fall Line Restaurant  

Ferguson Family Foundation

Fiestas Mexican Restaurant  

Foods of Vail 

Francie and David Horvitz

Francine and Herbert Tobin

Gail and Arnie Gelfand

Gail and Joseph Mahoney

Gamblewood Foundation

Ghiqui Hoffman

Gillian Zackham and Roy Korins

Giovanny Alexander Furs  

Golden Bear 


Grace and Steve Gamble

Greer and Jack Gardner

Gretchen and Hank Manley

Hilary and Zack Dunsmoor

Holiday Inn Club Vacation Resorts  

Holly and T. D’arcy Cole

Home Outfitters  

Hovey & Harrison  


Ivy Nails 

J. Cotter Studio  

Jack Affleck Photography

Jamie Lynn Swift

Jan and Dee Wisor

Jane and Gregory Johnson

Janet and Gary McDavid

Janis and Roger Ward

Janis Burrow

Jarona and William Stevens

Jayne Palu and Tim Beyer

Jean and Ray Oglethorpe

Jeanne and Dale Mosier

Jennifer and Adam Harrison

Jeri and Charlie Campisi

Jill and Dean Mitchell

Jim Cotter of J. Cotter Studio

Jim Hendricks

JoAnn Hickey

John Forester

John Merritt

Joyce and Glenn Goldstein

Judy and Bob Holmes

Julia Winger

Juliana and Gary Herr

Julie and Dan Leever

Julie and Hugh Sullivan

Karen and Andrew Stasko

Karen and Hans Oberlohr

Karen and John Maxwell

Karen and Scott White

Karen Mahan

Karin’s Home Décor  

Kate and Brent Levy

Kate Ligare

Katherine Hannigan

Kathie and Bob Shafer

Kathleen and Terry Scanlan

Kathy Cole

Katie and William Macfarlane

Kaye Ferry

Kaylee Brennand

Kelly Pendergast

Kelsey Ferguson

Kendra Scott  

Kim and David Bernstein

Kind Bike and Skis  

Kit C. Williams

Kristine and Keith Weisz, MDs

Kristine and William Woolfolk

Kyle and Regina Fink

Lauren’s Kitchen  

Lee May

Leewood and Thomas Woodell

Leslie and Garret Davies

Linda and Bob Benkert

Linda and Dennis Meir

Linda and Mark Kogod

Linda Hendricks

Lindblad Expeditions 

Lisa and Mark Herota

Lisa Dillon

Little Dudes & Daisies  

Liz and Joe Gonzalez

Liz Frailey

Liz Logan and William Sterett

Lois and John Van Deusen

Lourdes and Paul Ferzacca

Lovely Nails  

Luca Bruno  

Luleta and Samuel Maslak

Lynette Dallas

Lynn and Don Janklow

Lynne and Mark Wurzer

Madeline and Jeffrey Darst, MD

Maggie Pavlik and John Halloran

Mailyn and John Eisenhard

Main St. Grill 

Maria De Filippo

Marian and Darrell Donly

Marita and Stanley Clifford

Markian Feduschak and Sue Nikolai

Martha Head

Mary and David Davies

Mary and Phil Carter

Mary Beth and Charles Johns

Matt Dillon

Matt Michaliski

Maureen and David Cross

Maxine Roberts

Maya Walker Jeweler  

Megan and Adel Younoszai, MD

Missi and Tim Carpenter

Molly and Ernest Braxton

Monica Courville

Mountain Beverage

Mountain Standard 

Mountainside Production  

Nancy and Don Wiese

Nancy and Harold Zirkin

Nancy and John Hannigan

Nancy Groff

Nancy Rehder

Nicole Hoffman

Nina McLemore 


Oh La La 

Ora and Dominic De Maria

Pam and Michael Mycoskie

Pam and Mike Howell

Patricia Fillo

Patrick Hibler

Patti and John Cogswell

Patti Carpenter

Patti Nixon

Pavan and Karl Krueger

Peak 1 Express


Petals & Pours

Pete Mott & Trout Trickers  

Peterson Dillion Family

Piney River Ranch  

Prescott Studio

Q Boutique  

RA Nelson

Randy Hardy

Rebeca and Dan Hanrahan  

Regina and Kyle Fink

Renee Euler

Rheta and Rob Simmons

Richard Bross

Rita and Rick Mueller

Robyn and Andrew Levy

Roni Jacobsen

Route 6 Café  

Roy and Toni Bliss

Ruggs Benedict  

Ruth Johnson and Kris Sabel

Sally and Richard O’Loughlin

Samantha and Scott Anshutz

Sandra and Leo Dunn

Sarah and Nick Giachino

Sarah and Will Cook

Sarah Braucht  

Sauce on the Creek  

Sean Razee

Seranum Holdings, Inc

Shannon and Brandon Peterson

Shepherd Resources

Shirley and William McIntyre

Ski Country Dry Cleaning 

Smith Story Wine

Splendido at the Chateau 

Stacey and Trey Odom

Stacy and Michael Brown

Stephanie Penrose Gross

Stromberg Carlson

Sue and Markian Feduschak

Sue and Stew Eves

Susan & Lee Berk

Susan and Martin Solomon

Susan and Rich Jones

Susan Brown Milhoan

Suzanne and Bernard Scharf

Suzanne and Norman Myers

Suzanne and Stephen Saldanha

Suzanne Torris

Suzette Newman

Suzi Apple

Suzi Ballard

Suzy and Jim Donohue

Sweet Basil  

Sweet Pea Designs  

Tara King

The Bookworm of Edwards  

The Dallas Foundation

The Ferguson Family

The Golden Eagle Inn Restaurant  

The Keith and Carol Brown

Family Foundation

The Malcom Ainscough Collection  

The Rose 

Tiffany and David Thorne

Tim Mahoney

Tom Gilbertson

Trish Mcconathy


Vail Daily  

Vail Dentistry  

Vail Dermatology  

Vail Executive Cars  

Vail Health

Vail Resorts EpicPromise

Venture Sports 

Victoria O’Connor

Vilar Performing Arts Center 

Vin 48  

Vista Restaurant  


Wendy and Steve Cohen  

White Water Car Wash  

Wilderness Safaris  

William Bishop

Wishes Toy Store  

Zachary Yeo