FREE TO BE ME Challenge

When you’ve spent much of your life as "a patient," sometimes ME gets lost. That’s why this year’s camp theme THIS IS ME! is so important. And, it’s why we need YOU to help campers rediscover their inner ME. Give in the next 7 days and long-time supporters, the Hagen Family, will MATCH your donation up to $50,000. Imagine how many THIS IS ME! moments that will fund!


While this FREE TO BE ME campaign is only 7 days long, our campers deal with their  illnesses, doctor visits, and hospital stays all year long. With consistent donations every month, we can do even more for our campers and their families, while they are at camp and with events and reunions throughout the year.

Your gift will help a child take a break from being "a patient" so they can find their passions, embrace joy, gain confidence, and giggle endlessly. Thank you.